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The Expo team will provide great opportunities for companies to recruit and exhibit on the day of the summit. In 2017, we welcomed a diverse group of representatives to BCS, including companies such as Kiwi (a Berkeley based Auto delivery company) and HUA WEI (a leading Chinese tech company). This year, Expo team invite you to join us!

We expect around 700 audiences on the day of the summit, many of whom might be Berkeley undergrad/graduate/ Ph.D. students coming with resume. 


  • Booth for exhibition and recruitment

  • Logistics

  • WeChat promotion

  • 2 complementary tickets 


  • Bring your own products, intro videos, or poster

  • An HR from the company would directly talk to prospective students. 

The sponsorship for one booth is $800. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact.


Contact info:

Expo Director Tim Zhou:

Co-chair Sierra Chang:


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