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David Patterson

2017 A.M. Turing Award Winner; Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of the RISC-V Foundation; UC Berkeley

Keynote Speech: A Golden Age for Computer Architecture


David Andrew Patterson (born November 16, 1947) currently work as Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of the RISC-V Foundation. He is also the Pardee Professor of computer science, Emeritus at UC Berkeley. He is noted for his pioneering contributions to the RISC and RAID. His work has been recognized by about 35 awards for researching, reaching and service, including the institute of Electrical and electronics Engineers (IEEE), the Association Computing Machinery (ACM), National Academy of Sciences, and the Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame.



During 2003-05, he served on the Information Technology Advisory Committee for the U.S. President (PITAC).

For 2004-06, he was elected president of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

In addition, he was also chair of the CS Division in the EECS department at Berkeley, the ACM Special Interest Group in Computer Architecture and the Computer Research Association.


Significant Awards

In 2006, he was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences and received the Distinguished Service Award from the Computing Research Association.

In 2007, he was named a Fellow of the Computer History Museum "for fundamental contributions to engineering education, advances in computer architecture, and the integration of leading-edge research with education."

In 2008, he won the ACM Distinguished Service Award, the ACM-IEEE Eckert-Mauchly Award, and was recognized by the School of Engineering at UCLA for Alumni Achievement in Academia.

On March 21, 2018, he was awarded the 2017 ACM A.M. Turing Award jointly with John L. Hennessy for developing RISC.

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Jack Wadsworth
- Advisory Director of Morgan Stanley Global
- Honorary Chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia


John S. (Jack) Wadsworth, Jr. began his career at the First Boston Corporation in New York City in 1963. In 1978, he joined the investment banking team of Morgan Stanley as a Managing Director. During his time at the firm, Mr. Wadsworth initiated the High Tech Banking practice, started the venture capital business, and helped to organize the leveraged buyout (LBO) business. 


In 1986, Mr. Wadsworth moved to Japan to serve as President of Morgan Stanley Japan, Chairman of its Executive and Operating Committees, and Head of the Firm’s investment banking business in Asia. Over his five years in Japan, he led the effort to obtain a seat on the Tokyo Stock Exchange for the firm and built the firm’s business from a small base to over 500 people. 


In 1991, Mr. Wadsworth moved to Hong Kong as Chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia. He proceeded to expand the firm’s business in the rest of Asia. When he retired in 2001, the firm had 11 offices, over 2000 employees, and over a billion dollars in revenue in Asia. At the time, the firm also had a healthy private equity activity based in Hong Kong and had created two joint venture investment banks in China and India.


Mr. Wadsworth earned a B.A. from Williams College in 1961 and a M.B.A from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business in 1963.

Asia Society and Jack Wadsworth Fellows Program:

Asia Society has a long history of business programming. At the center of this was the annual Asian Corporate Conference, which has created links among Asia Society’s extensive network of experts, U.S. and Asian business, and key government officials from both hemispheres, for 20 years. With the establishment of many U.S. multinational companies in Asia and an increasing number of global expansions of Asian companies, Asia Society is shifting its focus to smaller conferences, focusing on specific areas or issues.


The Jack Wadsworth Fellows Program aims to strengthen the Society’s pre-eminent role in business programming across the Society’s global network of 11 centers. It provides financial support to distinguished journalists, scholars, or practitioners with experience in Asia. 


The program honors Jack Wadsworth, a pioneer in developing a leadership role for American business in Asia. 

Made in China 2025

Here is the link to Jack Wadsworth’s speech at “Made in China 2025” conference at Stanford University on Jan 15th, 2019:

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