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Nicholas Lane
- Associate Professor at Cambridge

Director of Samsung AI


Just as Dr. Fauci does the straight talking about COVID-19 in the United States, Dr. Zhang Wenhong does it in China. Dubbed the Gatekeeper of Shanghai, Dr. Zhang led the team of experts that guided Shanghai, a mega-city with 30 million people, in its fight against COVID-19.


Dr. Zhang shot to fame and gained tens of millions of followers for his frank talk about the disease and for assigning communist party member doctors to the front-lines whether they liked it or not. Compared to empty rhetoric from the government, Dr. Zhang’s no-nonsense release of useful information, accompanied often with humorous quotes, made him into a beloved celebrity across China. 

“If you don’t stop seeing your friends, you will see them again in the ICU.” 

“You’re bored to death? Then you’re boring the virus to death too!” 

“If doctors are the only soldiers in this war, then we’re sure to lose. From now on, everyone is a soldier, even if you’re staying at home.” 

“When the curtain of this coronavirus epidemic falls, I will silently leave the stage and go back to reading in my corner.”


We are absolutely delighted to welcome Dr. Zhang Wenhong as one of our keynote speakers for Berkeley China Summit (BCS) 2020. Dr. Zhang is a graduate of Shanghai Medical University and has held visiting scholar and postdoctoral fellow positions at the University of Hong Kong, Harvard Medical School, and Illinois State University at Chicago.

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