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2022 BCS Board of Directors

Ann Hsu 徐安

BCS 2022 Chairperson

MSEE 1991 & MBA 1998

Minqi Bao

MBA 2006

John Cai  蔡炯

2016 Haas Wu Fellow

Victor Chan 陈兴华

MS, MBA, Co-President of CAA Chinese Chapter

George Chao

BS 2003

Jike Chong

Ph.D 2010

Jennifer Ho

BS 2007

​Michelle Jiang  姜蓓萱

MBA 2021

Claudia Lin 林巧

Ph.D 1994

Kai Mai  麦凯臻

EECS 2001

Chuck Ng 吴泽强

BS 1997; President of BCAIA

​​James Ong

Sam Wang 王海亮

MBA 2015

Samuel Wang 王帅

MBA 2016

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